Photo shooting sessions

I am lucky enough to meet a friend and photographer who not only excels in the photo-taking professional skills in terms of lighting, angle of capture and posing guidance, but also knows much about yoga asanas and movements in the air. It makes her a perfect photographer for me as a yoga teacher.

Gratitude to her for capturing the nice alignment as well as sometimes a little tweak so it looks prettier. You know, sometimes the correctly aligned postures might not be photogenic (hahahaha).

We had a few experimental shootings too, on the floor/in the air, indoor/outdoor. In different environments, we gained much valuable experience in terms of adjusting ourselves under strong sun/hard concrete ground, silent understanding where we take the angle when in motions in the spinning hammock, etc.

Most importantly, she knows which side of my face looks better! Heehee.

Credits to Ally (IG:

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